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The master of convergent media.

Welcome to the virtual office of Bob Cobb Freelance Ink LLC. Providing multimedia convergent storytelling through social media live stream footage.

We are a b-roll multimedia aggregator who turns live stream footage into podcasts, blogs and broadcast features.

Fear, loathing and the Las Vegas adult entertainment industry. Welcome to Gonzo-19 storytelling.

As a credentialed press outlet, our story assembly process starts by cleaning up live stream content, then follows up with the client with a storyboard and logline once footage is reviewed.

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Converging documentary with a magazine feature writing style.

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interactive samples.

Interactive blog contributions are located on the Jaded Patriot Press Facebook press room page.
The next planned trip is a 25-year reunion with the 10th Mountain Division. We are stopping at Niagra Falls on the way.
Interactive Documentary collects crowdfund donations for expenses and includes contributors with acknowledgements who become gainshare recipients when documentaries are sold.
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The following video is a sample for Journalism 486 at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, which was a blog profile requirement for the course.

The journey began August 2020. The first trip out of pandemic lockdown documented the most bizarre flight of my life.

Fear and loathing plagued Fremont Street and decided to return several times to investigate brothels, clubs, venues and the Vegas experience seeking answers regarding the financial impact of legalized prostitution in Pahrump, Nevada.

I interviewed a PornHub celebrity named Sybil Stallone.

Her interview provided me with clues to the next trips that landed me another interview with a woman named Strawberry at Larry Flynt’s Hustler Lounge. I captured several video interviews and collected over 100 hours of content, which is available for documentary.

My name is Bradley J. Burt. I write freelance for my independent press outlet called The Jaded Patriot Press. The content consists of Gonzo journalism travelogues from my trips to Las Vegas during the pandemic. The format is called Gonzo-19.

My freelance pen name is Robert Cobert. I am a Gonzo journalist. I am seeking projects that will cover my expenses when I visit Las Vegas. Social responsibility website design is my specialty.

Gonzo journalists take on freelance projects outside of their jurisdiction as reporters.

Bob Cobb Freelance Ink LLC started out as an Intro to Entrepreneurship project that evolved into the portfolio of my freelance work.

The valedictory essay was a class project answering a series of questions asking me why I chose journalism as a career field.

Gonzo journalism allows the writer the freedom to interact with viewers through social media behind the scenes. Flow codes provide incentives.

Flow code campaigns engage followers.

Flow code promotions connect with fans and supporters who contribute b-roll footage to documentaries on Facebook pages. The fans are the investors, directors and actors.

Journalism is a lifestyle. A really awesome lifestyle. So awesome words cannot explain. No other field can hold a candle to places journalism allows the writer access. Journalism is the greatest field on earth.

The upcoming fear and loathing stories share occurrences happening with the falling out with two partners who trauma bonded me while I was a university reporter. Both partners were like Amber Heard and the documentary shares my journal being love bombed.

Hell is Warm on the Homefront exposes trauma bonding and narcissistic abuse.

The podcast doubles as a workshop. The program is an ongoing examination of the effects of addiction and trauma.

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The Jaded Patriot Press Free Agency Bookings.

Does your magazine firm or website need a steamy Las Vegas story? Meet Strawberry. She is an entrepreneur.

The Strawberry feature story profiles Larry Flynt’s Hustler Lounge and the VIP hospitality experience Strawberry provides. The staff who obliged interview were courteous and helpful.

Story sample: The Strawberry VIP Experience

Bradley J. Burt is the Editor-in-chief for the Jaded Patriot Press. For story bookings contact: (608) 852-1983 located in Madison, Wis.

Please visit my Bradley J. Burt wix website.

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The reporter reel was a class project for Journalism 238 at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.

The portfolio converges both the Documentary Storytelling course at Madison College taught by Prof. Brad Horn who worked for the Washington Post and Royal Purple Advisor Dr. Keith Zukas.

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We are currently seeking Las Vegas, Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles press outlets for freelance opportunities. We also work with corporations with their social responsibility campaigns.

The LLC is veteran owned and operated. We help veterans with trauma-informed injuries workshop their way into becoming freelance writers.